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Title: TUM University Library | Website of TUM University Library
Texto: TUM University Library | Website of TUM University Library Skip to navigation (Press Enter). Skip to main content (Press Enter). ... [X] A – Z Languages University Library Technical University Munich Home Get in Contact Searching & Finding Borrowing & Ordering Studying & Researching Publishing & Citing About the Library University Library First Level Hotline Phone +49 89 189 659 220 WhatsApp +49 173 861 8412 Directions chat loading... eAccess OPAC Courses Opening Hours Branch Libraries FAQ Current Situation Ask us News 10. Jul 2020 – Branch Medicine Construction Work at the Branch Library Medicine 02. Jul 2020 wiso Lecturio Tutorials newly licensed 01. Jul 2020 Opening hours extended View all Subscribe to RSS Follow us on OPAC / OPACplus E-Journals Databases mediaTUM Check-out library — Select— Main Campus Medicine Sport &Health Sciences Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Mathematics & Informatics Physics Life Sciences Renewable resources Account To use e-media don’t forget to log in via eAccess ! The EZB lists licensed and free e-journals and offers access information on how you can use restricted access offers at TUM. The EZB is particularly suitable for quick access to journals whose titles you already know. For thematic research for articles, you should use OPACplus or our databases. Off campus? To use e-media, please don’t forget to log in via eAccess! To use e-media don’t forget to log in via eAccess! Sie können nach Datenbanken suchen, nicht aber nach Aufsätzen oder Fakten. mediaTUM is the TUM's media and publication repository. mediaTUM is the central media and publication server of the Technical University of Munich. You can find, among other materials, dissertations and theses which were published at the TUM, as well as collections of images and research data. As the institutional repository of the TUM, mediaTUM supports you with publication of digital documents and research data as well as the use of multimedia in teaching and research. Our services continue Even during the Corona Pandemic the TUM University Library is there for you. Our digital services are fully accessible, on-site services in our branch libraries are being gradually expanded. They are available to you by prior appointment. Electronic Media We offer TUM members more than 45,000 e-journals , 160,000 e-books and 2,400 databases . Please make use of this offer with priority. Borrowing, Ordering via OPAC, Picking-up After Pentecost you can borrow printed media from our library collections again. You must order in advance via our online catalogue OPAC and arrange an individual appointment to pick them up. Please allow at least 3 working days (Straubing 5 days) to have the items ready for check-out. Book your pick-up date accordingly.Details and how to make appointments Returning and Media Reclaim From 2 June, returning of borrowed library items is also possible again by prior appointment. We will resume media reclaims with charges on 13 July 2020. Details and how to make appointments Interlibrary loan and Document Delivery From 2 June, you will again be able to order books via the interlibrary loan service in addition to journal articles. You must also make an appointment for checking-out and returning interlibrary loans.TUM members can order free scans of printed media from our holdings, please order via dokumenTUM . Learning in the Library From 6 July we will extend reservation hours for study desks. Time-slots will be available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Branch Libraries Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Physics, Sports & Health Sciences, Straubing and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the Branch Libraries of Main Campus, Mathematics & Informatics, Weihenstephan. Details and reservation options Rules of Conduct during the Corona Pandemic In order to protect your and our health, special distance and hygiene rules currently apply. Please refrain from unannounced visits to our  branch libraries and inform yourself in advance about our library services on site . You can also find detailed information in our FAQ section: FAQ Section If you have any questions, our team at the First Level Hotline will be happy to help you. YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT TO US –THE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY IS THERE FOR YOU Stay well!Your University Library Team News 10.07.2020 – Branch Library Medicine | Construction Work at the Branch Library Medicine At the moment there are construction works outside of the Branch Library Medicine. Please take into account that it may become a little louder than usual at times. Work is expected to continue... Read more 02.07.2020 | Video courses for work, study and further education wiso Lecturio Tutorials newly licensed Since 1 July 2020 we are offering access to Lecturio video tutorials via the well-known platform wiso. In more than 450 video courses (playlists) you have access to about 4,000 videos from all... Read more 01.07.2020 | More bookable time slots Opening hours extended Our branch libraries are now open longer. This means you can study longer in the library and more reservation slots are available for library services at the circulation desks. Another new... Read more 05.06.2020 | Branch Libraries re-opened Borrowing and returning possible by prior appointment All our branch libraries are re-opened. We are now back with our loan services: Starting 2 June, you can again borrow and return literature, apply for a new library card or renew it. Interlibrary... Read more 14.05.2020 | Reading rooms reopened with restrictions Study desks available by appointment From 18 May 2020, we will reopen our reading rooms as a learning place for TUM members, subject to restrictions. From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. we offer individual study desks in our branch... Read more 21.04.2020 | Digital Provision of Literature Interlibrary Loan – ordering copies available again Our interliberary loan service for ordering copies is available again on 21 April. On 2 June, we will resume interlibrary loan options for books. Please order required literature which is locally... Read more Show all Branch Libraries Chemistry Mechanical Engineering Mathematics & Informatics Medicine Physics Sport & Health Sciences Main Campus Renewable Resources Life Sciences Previous Next Site Map Library Regulations & Fees Picture Credits Data Privacy Legal Details Find more topics on the central web site of the Technical University of Munich:

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54 /en/make-an-appointment
55 /en/interlibrary-loan
56 /en/make-an-appointment
57 /en/dokumentum
58 /en/reserve-study-desks
59 /en/terms-of-use-during-corona-pandemic
60 /en/on-site-services
61 /en/faq-coronavirus
62 /en/first-level-hotline
63 /en/news
64 /en/news/construction-work-branch-library-medicine
65 /en/news/construction-work-branch-library-medicine
67 /en/news/wiso-lecturio-tutorials
68 /en/news/wiso-lecturio-tutorials
70 /en/news/opening-hours-extended
71 /en/news/opening-hours-extended
73 /en/news/borrowing-and-returning-possible-prior-appointment
74 /en/news/borrowing-and-returning-possible-prior-appointment
76 /en/news/reopening-reading-rooms
77 /en/news/reopening-reading-rooms
79 /en/news/interlibrary-loan-ordering-copies-available-again
80 /en/news/interlibrary-loan-ordering-copies-available-again
82 /en/aktuelles
83 /en/branch-library-chemistry
84 /en/branch-library-mechanical-engineering
85 /en/branch-library-mathematics-informatics
86 /en/branch-library-medicine
87 /en/branch-library-physics
88 /en/branch-library-sport-health-sciences
89 /en/branch-library-main-campus
90 /en/branch-library-renewable-resources
91 /en/branch-library-life-sciences
92 /en/sitemap
93 /en/regulations-fees
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95 /en/data-privacy
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97 /en/sitemap
98 /en/regulations-fees
99 /en/bildnachweis
100 /en/data-privacy
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