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Title: Innovative early career researcher wins prestigious £1.2 million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship | Social Sciences Division
Texto: Innovative early career researcher wins prestigious £1.2 million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship | Social Sciences Division Skip to main content Contact us Intranet Support us Twitter Login Login Contact us Intranet Support us Twitter Search form Search Contact us Intranet Support us Twitter Social Sciences Division We are the Social Sciences at Oxford Research Our Research and Impact Support for Researchers About Us Engage News Researcher Development Our Programme Resources Noticeboard Collaboration Who's who Research Our Research and Impact ESRC IAA Current Knowledge Exchange Projects Current impact funding opportunities ESRC Festival of Social Science 2019 Excellence in Impact Awards Funded Incubator Themes Impact: Making a Difference Our Research and Impact Research and Impact Videos Support for Researchers Research- Collaboration Research- Communications Research- Fieldwork Research- Funding Research- Strategy Research-Ethics&Integrity Research-Open Access Research-REF Research-Who can help me About Us Engage News Researcher Development Our Programme "Say What?" Vocal Techniques Academic Writing Community Academic Writing Community Bootcamp British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Briefing Collaboration Cafe Crafting an effective value proposition Divisional welcome event 2020 Eloquent Things: Teaching using real objects Fieldworkers' Sessions How to write about your Research for Publication How to write your Methodology Chapter MT20 How to write your Methodology Chapter TT20 Identifying potential collaborators Improve your Vocal Techniques for Presentations In the Wings - Presentation preparation Induction 2020 Introduction to Learning and Teaching at Oxford Introduction to Research Ethics at Oxford Introduction to writing for The Conversation Juggling family life and work Mindfulness course Pint of Ethics Podcasts Potential Energy - Presentation Delivery Presenting your value proposition Researcher Development Office Hour ResearcherConnect Monday Meet-ups Storytelling for Social Scientists Write your Elevator Pitch Writing & Editing Books and Book Chapters Your Research and the Pandemic Resources Fieldwork Milestones and personal development Public Engagement Research Integrity Research Methods Teaching Wellbeing Writing Noticeboard *Ballot Box 2020: The US Election* Advanced Qualitative Research Ballot Box 2020: The US Election BritishSpanish Society Call for applications - Teaching Associates Call for submissions Careers Conference for Researchers ContEd's Graduate School Training Week DPhil Placement Clinic Dialogue & Debate: Is education the answer to social mobility? How to write your Methodology Chapter Introduction to collaborating Machine Politics Mindful walking group Mindful walking group Mindfulness in a Nutshell NVivo - Walking before Running: Code and Retrieve Pick and Mix: designing and conducting mixed-methods research Placement Opportunities Placement with EcoSync Placement with Manufacture 2030 Preparing for your DPhil Viva School of Geography and the Environment - IT workshops The Alliance of Science: Evidence Synthesis for Public Policy Training update and Trinity trailer Venture Associate Placements for DPhil students Vicarious [Secondary] Trauma Workshop Hilary term What type of collaboration works for you? Working as a self-employed consultant while researching Collaboration Collaboration Journeys Who's who Dr Daisy Akinyi Ogembo Dr Inge Dornan Dr Patrick Brindle Dr Tanja Collavo Minhui Wei Piero Vitelli Shona Loong Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci Wesam Hassan Search form Search Home Innovative early career researcher wins prestigious £1.2 million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship Innovative early career researcher wins prestigious £1.2 million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship 15 October 2020 Dr Eleanor Carter of the Blavatnik School of Government has been awarded a prestigious UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship worth up to £1.2 million to investigate the critical issue of how government can better manage public services outsourcing. The collapse of probation contractor Working Links in 2019 saw considerable concern over outsourcing. Pioneering new methods, Dr Carter’s work is aimed at informing policymakers on how to deliver better social outcomes and greater value from public spending. Dr Carter, currently acting research director of the Government Outcomes Lab , will become the first Future Leaders Fellow in Oxford’s Social Sciences Division. The Future Leaders Fellowships scheme is designed to establish the careers of world-class research and innovation leaders across the UK. Dr Carter says, ‘I am thrilled: the extended runway of the Future Leaders Fellowship enables me to pursue an urgent research agenda. My Fellowship will bring diligent and original research to help avert further public contracting fiascos and boost the quality of services experienced by some of the most disadvantaged members of society.’ Professor Heather Viles, Associate Head (Research) of the Social Sciences Division, says, ‘I am delighted that Dr Carter has been awarded this Future Leaders Fellowship for such a timely and important project which clearly demonstrates the importance of social science research in today’s ever-changing world.’ Professor Ngaire Woods, Dean of the Blavatnik School, says ‘At the Blavatnik School of Government we are all delighted to see this award go to Eleanor Carter whose work will help government and other stakeholders learn how better to commission services whose quality affects the lives of millions.’ Dr Carter’s project, The governance of multi-sector public service delivery networks will investigate if current government practice of contracting individual public service providers is fit for purpose in a world where people interact with a vast range of services. She explains, ‘In the past, governments have purchased a single service – the probation service being a good example. Instead, we need to focus on a network: a network of different provider organisations and specialist charities delivering coherent, holistic, wraparound support.’ Dr Carter’s project will mobilise experts from a range of disciplines and government bodies: policy researchers, economists, and public law specialists, as well as policymakers in the Department for Work and Pensions and the Government Inclusive Economy Unit within the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport. Discover Oxford's three new UKRI Future Leaders Fellows About UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships The Future Leaders Fellowships scheme, which is run by UK Research and Innovation, will recognise up to 550 individuals with a total investment of £900 million committed over 3 years. The scheme helps universities and businesses in the UK recruit, develop and retain the world’s best researchers and innovators, regardless of their background. They can apply for up to £1.5 million to support the research and innovation leaders of the future, keeping the UK at the cutting edge of innovation. Each fellowship will last four to seven years. Round six of the Future Leaders Fellowships is currently open to applications. Researchers interested in this opportunity should speak to their department in the first instance. Department   School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography School of Archaeology Oxford School of Global and Area Studies Saïd Business School Department of Economics Department of Education School of Geography and the Environment Blavatnik School of Government Department of International Dev

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110 /article/conteds-graduate-school-training-week
111 /event/dphil-placement-clinic
112 /article/is-education-the-answer-to-social-mobility
113 /event/how-to-write-your-methodology-chapter
114 /event/introduction-to-collaborating
115 /article/machine-politics
116 /event/mindful-walking-group
117 /event/mindful-walking-group-0
118 /event/mindfulness
119 /article/nvivo-walking-before-running-code-and-retrieve
120 /event/pick-and-mix-designing-and-conducting-mixed-methods-research
121 /article/placement-opportunities
122 /article/placement-with-ecosync
123 /article/placement-with-manufacture-2030
124 /event/preparing-for-your-dphil-viva
125 /article/school-of-geography-and-the-environment
126 /event/evidence-synthesis-for-public-policy
127 /article/update-and-trailer-for-trinity
128 /article/venture-associate-placements-for-dphil-students
129 /event/vicarious-secondary-trauma-workshop
130 /event/what-type-of-collaboration-works-for-you
131 /event/working-as-self-employed-consultant-while-researching
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139 /article/minhui-wei
140 /article/piero-vitelli
141 /article/shona-loong
142 /article/suzan-meryem-rosita-kalayci
143 /article/wesam-hassan
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