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Title: Political Economics - PhD Field of Study | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Description: The Stanford PhD Program in political economics focuses on the non-market, collective, and political activity of individuals and organizations.
Texto: Political Economics - PhD Field of Study | Stanford Graduate School of Business Skip to main content The Experience Overview of Experience About Stanford GSB About Our Degree Programs The Leadership The Dean Associate & Assistant Deans Advisory Council Our Impact Why Business School School News & History Voices of Stanford GSB Learning at Stanford GSB Faculty Guest Speakers Entrepreneurship Leadership Social Innovation Communication Life at Stanford GSB Collaborative Environment Activities & Organizations Student Services Housing Options International Students Our Campus California & the Bay Area The Programs All Programs Full-Time Degree Programs MBA Academic Experience Admission Financial Aid MSx Academic Experience Admission Financial Aid PhD Academic Experience Admission Financial Aid Research Fellows Program See All Programs Non-Degree & Certificate Programs Executive Education Stanford Executive Program Programs for Individuals Programs for Organizations The Difference Admission Online Programs Stanford LEAD Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Seed Transformation Program East Africa Southern Africa West Africa India Admission Faculty & Research Overview of Faculty & Research Faculty Faculty Profiles Academic Areas Awards & Honors Seminars Conferences Voices Faculty Research Publications Working Papers Case Studies Books Research Hub Research Initiatives Business Library Behavioral Lab Centers & Initiatives Stanford Seed Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Center for Social Innovation Insights All Topics Topics Accounting Big Data Career & Success Corporate Governance Economics Education Energy & Environment Entrepreneurship Finance Government Health Care Innovation Leadership Management Marketing Nonprofit Operations, Information & Technology Organizational Behavior Political Economy Social Impact Supply Chain Subscribe Contact Alumni Overview of Alumni Welcome, Alumni Communities The Alumni Network Regional Chapters Women's Programs Diversity Chapters Find Your Reunion Featured Events Career Resources Job Search Resources Career & Life Transitions Programs & Services Career Video Library Research Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Alumni News Stanford Business Magazine Class Notes Alumni Voices Books Giving Contact Alumni Relations Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Events All Events Admission Events & Information Sessions MBA Program MSx Program PhD Program Seed Transformation Program Research Fellows Alumni Events All Other Events Enter the terms you wish to search for. PhD Program In This Section Overview of the PhD Program Fields of Study Overview of Our Fields of Study Accounting Overview of Accounting Requirements Economic Analysis & Policy Overview of Economic Analysis & Policy Requirements Finance Overview of Finance Requirements Marketing Overview of Marketing Requirements: Behavioral Requirements: Quantitative Operations, Information & Technology Overview of Operations, Information & Technology Requirements Organizational Behavior Overview of Organizational Behavior Requirements: Macro Requirements: Micro Political Economics Overview of Political Economics Requirements Academic Experience Overview of the Academic Experience Degree Requirements Overview of Degree Requirements Coursework Annual Evaluations Field Examination Research Activities Research Papers Candidacy Dissertation Faculty Current Students Research Resources Admission Overview of Admission What We Look For Overview of What We Look For Entering Class Profile Application Materials Overview of Application Materials Education & CV GMAT & GRE International Applicants Statement of Purpose Letters of Reference Reapplicants Application Fee Waiver Deadline & Decisions Admission Events All Admission Events IDDEAS Financial Aid Student Life Overview of Student Life Voices Placement Overview of Placement Job Market Candidates Academic Placements Contact the PhD Program View Contact Information Stay in Touch You are here The Programs › PhD Program › Fields of Study › Political Economics Political Economics The political economics field is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the collective, political activity of individuals and organizations. The PhD Program in political economics prepares students for research and teaching positions by providing rigorous training in theoretical and empirical techniques. The intellectual foundation for the program is positive political economy, which includes formal models of rational choice, collective action, political institutions, political competition, and behavioral political economy. Development and extensions of theories are often combined with empirical analysis, including the identification of causal effects. Students become involved in research early in the program. They begin their own research during the first year and are required to write research papers during the summers following the first and second years. The program is flexible and allows ample opportunity to tailor coursework and research to individual interests. The program is small by design to promote close interaction between students and faculty. Fields of Inquiry Specific fields of inquiry include: Bureaucratic politics Comparative institutions Constitutional choice Elections Government and business Interest groups Judicial institutions Law and economics Legislative behavior and organization Macro political economy Political economy of development Political behavior and public opinion Regulation Cross-campus Collaboration The program, embedded in the larger community of political economics scholars at Stanford University, combines the resources of Stanford GSB with opportunities to study in the departments of economics and political science . Drawing on the offerings of all three units, students have a unique opportunity to combine the strengths of economic methods and analytical political science and to apply them to the study of political economy. The program involves coursework in economic theory, econometrics, game theory, political theory, and theories of institutions and organizations. Preparation and Qualifications Faculty selects students on the basis of predicted performance in the PhD Program. Because of the rigorous nature of the program, a substantial background or ability in the use of analytical methods is an important factor in the admission decision. In many instances, successful applicants have majored in economics, mathematics, or political science as undergraduates. However, this background is not a prerequisite for admission. Students are expected to have, or to obtain during their first year, mathematical skill at the level of one year of calculus and one course each in linear algebra, analysis, probability, optimization, and statistics. The successful applicant usually has clearly defined career goals that are compatible with the purposes of the program and is interested in doing basic research in empirical and/or theoretical political economics. Recent Journal Articles in Political Economics Journal Article | Valuing Peace: The Effects of Financial Market Exposure on Votes and Political Attitudes Saumitra Jha , Moses Shayo Econometrica . December 2019 Journal Article | Local News and National Politics Gregory J. Martin , Joshua McCrain American Political Science Review . May 2019 , Vol. 113, Issue 2, Pages 372-384 Journal Article | Does Private Regulation Preempt Public Regulation? Neil Malhotra , Benoît Monin , Michael Tomz American Political Science Review . February 2019 , Vol. 113, Issue 1, Pages 19–37 Recent Insights by Stanford Business April 24, 2019 Written Why Self-Regulation Can Pay Off Companies that try to fix problems on their own may sidestep more onerous regulations in the future. February 27, 2019 Written Why Republican Politicians Pay More Than Democrats for TV Ads New research shows political advertising’s hidden costs. January 11, 2019 Written How the Great Recession Influenced Today’s Populist Movements Stanford political scientists explain why populist messages emerged in contemporary politics and how they spurred larger political movements. Attend an Admission Event Stay in Touch See the Requirements for this Program See Also PhD Degree Requirements Related Links Recent Academic Placements Job Market Candidates Faculty in Political Economy Jonathan Bendor Professor David W. Brady Professor David Broockman Assistant Professor Steven Callander Professor Katherine Casey Associate Professor Dana Foarta Assistant Professor Saumitra Jha Associate Professor Daniel P. Kessler Professor Keith Krehbiel Professor Neil Malhotra Professor Gregory J. Martin Assistant Professor

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215 /faculty-research/publications/valuing-peace-effects-financial-market-exposure-votes-political
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217 /faculty-research/publications/does-private-regulation-preempt-public-regulation
218 /insights/why-self-regulation-can-pay
219 /insights/why-self-regulation-can-pay
220 /insights/why-republican-politicians-pay-more-democrats-tv-ads
221 /insights/why-republican-politicians-pay-more-democrats-tv-ads
222 /insights/how-great-recession-influenced-todays-populist-movements
223 /insights/how-great-recession-influenced-todays-populist-movements
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