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Title: Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of disorders - Oxford Talks
Texto: Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of disorders - Oxford Talks Oxford Talks Toggle navigation ​ Help Login Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of disorders Brain networks are disrupted in numerous disorders. We will first show how the aberrant brain-wide activity patterns can be corrected by targeting distinct network motifs with multiple neuromodulators using a zebrafish model of human epilepsy and autism. This systematic approach rescues behaviour unlike any other treatment resulting from large-scale drug screens. With methods promising future therapeutic use, we will next show how specific molecular targets in different brain circuits in mammals can be non-invasively and spatially targeted, and discuss how cortex-wide activity patterns can be captured chronically at single neuron resolution with minimal invasiveness using neuromorphic microchips. Date : 3 May 2019, 13:00 (Friday, 1st week, Trinity 2019) Venue : Sherrington Buildingoff Parks Road OX1 3PT See location on maps.ox Details : Large Lecture Theatre Speaker : Prof. Dr. Mehmet Fatih Yanik (Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH Zurich) Organising department : Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG) Organisers : Cortex Club (University of Oxford) , Professor Kristine Krug (DPAG, University of Oxford) Organiser contact email address : Host : Cortex Club (University of Oxford) Part of : DPAG Head of Department Seminar Series Topics : Neurosciences Booking required? : Not required Audience : Members of the University only This talk features in the following public collections : Oxford Neuroscience Seminar List Editor: Talitha Smith

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