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Title: Stanford Ceili - 2019 9th Annual St. Patrick's Day Ceili
Texto: Stanford Ceili - 2019 9th Annual St. Patrick's Day Ceili   HOME ABOUT US OUR DANCES MEDIA LINKS CONTACT US   9th Annual St. Patrick's Day Ceili — 2019 March 16 (Saturday), 7-11pm, GCC Havana Room   Join Stanford Ceili for a night of FREE Irish dancing at our 9th annual St. Patrick's Day Dance!   Enjoy live Irish music and fun, social set dancing! All levels are welcome, and no prior experience is required. This is a great opportunity to try Irish dancing — we will teach you everything you need to know and have you dancing in no time (like these 2019 Bon Bon Ball dancers ). Light refreshments will be served.   We will also hold a "crash course" on Irish ceili dancing that night, starting at 7pm. This will help you enjoy our bash more!   Go to our Facebook event page and let us know that you're going! And, invite all your friends that you know should also come dance with you. ☺   Musicians wanted! We will have an open band that you can join, once more led by Dave Price and Casey Morrison, with an assist from Jennifer McCleery.   Note: this is a no-alcohol event. No alcohol will be allowed inside the Havana room.   Check out all the details below: What's it like? Open Band — Musicians Wanted! Details — Date, Time, Location Hornpipe Dance Classes Parking Information Sponsors Past Events     What's it like?   Check out these videos of Dances For Everyone from last year's St. Patrick's Day bash! Haymaker's Jig Walls Of Limerick Bonfire Dance Petronella We also dance waltzes and Kerry Polka Sets: 2nd waltz 5th waltz Kerry Polka Sets   (table of contents)     Open Band — Musicians Wanted!   Musicians are welcome and encouraged to join our open band! Last year, we had 15 musicians, filling the Havana Room with wonderful music.   We are once again led by Dave Price and Casey Morrison, with an assist from Jennifer McCleery. Bring your instruments and follow along with the other musicians.   (table of contents)     Details — Date, Time, Location   Date — 2019 March 16 (Saturday) Time 7pm — Ceili dancing crash course ☺ 8pm-11pm — Dancing to live music! Location — GCC Havana Room Address: 750 Escondido Road, Stanford, CA. 94305 (map) Parking: (see below)   (table of contents)     Hornpipe Dance Classes   Dance hornpipes at our St. Patrick's Day ceili bash for the first time!   For our Tuesday night sessions on March 5th and 12th, we will hold special, 2-hour classes on hornpipes, instead of our regular classes. (Yes, this will include the "ankle-breaker" rock steps!) We will then dance one, as a no-walkthrough dance, at the end of the 1st half of the bash — to live music.   All levels are welcome.   Note: ceili-style hornpipes are danced differently from step-dance hornpipes, using footwork and timing very similar to schottisches. Not sure what that means? Come to our classes to find out!   (table of contents)     Parking Information   Free parking is available in certain spaces in nearby lots — the green-shaded areas in the map below:   (Click for full-size image.)   Here are maps showing parking locations and walking routes to GCC: From lot L-63 to GCC From Running Farm Lane to GCC From Rains 201 to GCC   There are parking spaces that should be free all day on Saturday. Look for signs that specify limited enforcement — generally 6am-4pm Monday-Friday, like:     (table of contents)     Sponsors   Billie Achilles Fund Bechtel International Center Graduate Student Council   (table of contents)     Past Events   Go to our Events Page to see our past events.   (table of contents)    

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