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Title: Home | St Edmund Hall
Description: St Edmund Hall, known affectionately as Teddy Hall, is a college of the University of Oxford, accepting undergraduate, postgraduate and visiting students
Texto: Home | St Edmund Hall Open Menu Close Menu Home Study Here Why Teddy Hall? Undergraduate Study Courses Fees and Funding Student Profiles Myth-busting How do I apply? Prospectuses Postgraduate Study Courses Finance Scholarships Prizes and Grants How do I apply? Visiting Students Studying here as a Visiting Student Courses Finance How do I apply? Student Profiles Frequently Asked Questions Visit Us Undergraduates Postgraduates Schools and Colleges Parents Student Profiles Visit Us College Life Our Community People Job Vacancies Student Accommodation Meals Creative Writing Wednesday Workshops Meet the Poet Series The Gallery Hall Writers' Forum Hall Writers' Directory Music Chapel Choir Support for Musicians Music Facilities Music Events & Activities Clubs and Societies Sport Student Accommodation Why Teddy Hall? Discover Our Vision Supporting the Hall's Priorities Green Survey Results 2019 People Fellows Lecturers Staff College Officers Alumni Perspectives Job Vacancies News Events Blog Living Wall Access Hall Areas Medieval Mystery Plays The Oxford Medieval Mystery Cycle 2019 Research Centre for the Creative Brain St Edmund Hall Research Expo Oxford Chinese Economy Programme (OXCEP) The Vladimir Potanin Research Fund for Earth Sciences Conferences and Weddings Weddings, Civil Ceremonies and Receptions Conferences, Meetings and Summer Schools Accommodation Fine Dining Explore Teddy Hall History of the Hall Library and Archive Chapel Maps Virtual 3D Tours Merchandise University Prizes Visit the College Policies Job Vacancies St Edmund Hall Blog Centre for the Creative Brain Alumni Support the Hall Supporting the Hall's Priorities Donate Today Volunteer your Time Leave a Legacy Impact Report Events Events calendar Teddy Talks News Publications Get Involved Volunteering Alumni Societies Keep in Touch Update Your Details Find a Friend Benefits and Services St Edmund Hall Book Support the Hall A College Like No Other 21st Century Hall Students SCR Staff Support Teddy Hall Logout Login Search Form Search Form Header Unlock your potential at St Edmund Hall Putting your academic development, welfare and creativity first Study Here Blog News Events Study Here Undergraduate Postgraduate Visiting Students Undergraduate Undergraduate Study As an undergraduate at St Edmund Hall, you will live in the heart of Oxford and be part of a lively academic and social community. Find out which subjects you can study at this College, learn about the tutors who would teach you and their specialist interests, and hear from current students about their experiences. Find out more Why Teddy Hall? Postgraduate Postgraduate Study With around 300 postgraduate students, from over 70 different countries and studying a huge range of different disciplines, St Edmund Hall is a great place to pursue graduate studies. The College offers a supportive postgraduate community, based around the cosy common room, and a wide choice of social, academic, sporting and cultural activities. Find out more Why Teddy Hall? Visiting Students Visiting Students Apply to join us as a Visiting Student for the opportunity to experience life at Oxford University and study alongside our undergraduates for up to a year. Find out more Why Teddy Hall? St Edmund Hall Launches 10-Year Strategy Our aim is to become a greener, more diverse and accessible home for world leading research and teaching. Find out more Work for Teddy Hall Explore the current roles available at one of Oxford’s oldest Colleges and last surviving medieval Hall. View current vacancies Michael Crick to give Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture 2020 Michael will speak on  “Defending impartiality: the Devil’s Right of Reply’ Register St Edmund Hall Blog Read the latest blog posts: Zac Cesaro, 2nd year DPhil Engineering Science student at Teddy Hall explains the potential 'green ammonia' has to replace non-renewable fuels in the future. From Fertiliser to Fuel 25 Feb 2020 View Post You Shall Not reveal the Secrets of It: The St Edmund Hall Copy of the University Statutes of 1634 19 Feb 2020 View Post All blog posts Latest News Medieval Workshop Applications Open 24 Feb 2020 View Article Graham Hamilton Award Supports Student Travel to Japan 12 Feb 2020 View Article St Edmund Hall Alumnus Fergus Eckersley Awarded OBE for Services to Foreign Policy 5 Feb 2020 View Article All news Forthcoming Events Development Committee Meeting Hilary Term 2020 25 Feb 2020 View Event Graduation Day 29 Feb 2020 View Event Meet the Poet Hilary 2020 with Galina Rymbu 3 Mar 2020 View Event All events Close Close Queen’s Lane, Oxford, OX1 4AR View on map Phone: +44 (0)1865 279000 Email: Connect Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin Visit Us News Events Policies Job Vacancies Charity No. 1137470 © St Edmund Hall 2020 Made by REDBOT

1 /
2 /
3 /study
4 /college-life/why-teddy-hall
5 /study/undergraduate
6 /subjects/undergraduates
7 /study/undergraduate/fees-and-funding
8 /study/undergraduate/student-profiles
9 /study/undergraduate/myth-busting
10 /study/undergraduate/apply
11 /study/undergraduate/prospectus
12 /study/postgraduate
14 /study/postgraduate/postgraduate-finance
15 /study/postgraduate/postgraduate-scholarships
16 /study/postgraduate/prizes-and-grants-for-postgraduates
17 /study/postgraduate/how-do-i-apply
18 /study/visiting-students
19 /study/visiting-students/studying-as-a-visiting-student
20 /subjects/visiting-students
21 /study/visiting-students/finance
22 /study/visiting-students/apply
23 /study/visiting-students/visiting-student-profiles
24 /study/visiting-students/faqs
25 /study/visit
26 /study/visit/undergraduate
27 /study/visit/postgraduate
28 /study/visit/schools
29 /study/visit/parents
30 /study/undergraduate/student-profiles
31 /study/visit
32 /college-life
33 /college-life/our-community
34 /people
35 /vacancies
36 /college-life/accommodation
37 /college-life/meals
38 /college-life/creative-writing
39 /college-life/creative-writing/wednesday-workshops
40 /college-life/creative-writing/meet-the-poet-series
41 /college-life/creative-writing/the-st-edmund-hall-gallery
42 /college-life/creative-writing/hall-writers-forum
43 /people/writers
44 /college-life/music
45 /college-life/music/chapel-choir
46 /college-life/music/support-for-musicians
47 /college-life/music/music-facilities-at-the-college
48 /college-life/music/music-events-and-activities
49 /college-life/clubs-and-societies
50 /college-life/sport
51 /college-life/accommodation
52 /college-life/why-teddy-hall
53 /discover
54 /discover/our-vision
55 /alumni/support-the-hall/supporting-halls-priorities
56 /discover/green-survey
57 /people
58 /people/fellows
59 /people/lecturers
60 /people/staff
61 /people/college-officers
62 /people/alumni
63 /vacancies
64 /news/
65 /events
66 /blog
67 /discover/livingwall
68 /access-hall-areas
69 /mystery-cycle
70 /mystery-cycle/mystery-cycle-2019
71 /discover/research
72 /discover/research/centre-for-the-creative-brain-2
73 /discover/research/st-edmund-hall-research-expo
74 /discover/research/oxford-chinese-economy-programme-oxcep
75 /discover/research/potanin-research-fund
76 /discover/conferences
77 /discover/conferences/weddings-civil-ceremonies-and-receptions
78 /discover/conferences/conferences
79 /discover/conferences/accommodation
80 /discover/conferences/dining-at-st-edmund-hall
81 /discover/explore-teddy-hall
82 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/history-of-the-hall
83 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/library
84 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/chapel
85 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/maps
86 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/virtual-3d-tours-of-st-edmund-hall
88 /discover/university-prizes
89 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/visiting-the-college
90 /policies-accounts-and-legal-documents
91 /vacancies
92 /blog
93 /discover/research/centre-for-the-creative-brain-2
94 /alumni
95 /alumni/support-the-hall
96 /alumni/support-the-hall/supporting-halls-priorities
98 /alumni/get-involved/volunteering
99 /alumni/support-the-hall/leave-a-legacy
100 /asset/SEH17-Annual-Fund-Brochure-2018-Web.pdf
101 /events/alumni
102 /events/alumni
103 /alumni/teddy-talks
104 /news
105 /alumni/publications
106 /alumni/get-involved
107 /alumni/get-involved/volunteering
108 /alumni/get-involved/alumni-societies
109 /alumni/keep-in-touch
110 /alumni/keep-in-touch/update-your-details
111 /alumni/keep-in-touch/find-a-friend
112 /alumni/benefits-and-services
113 /alumni/st-edmund-hall-book
114 /alumni/support-the-hall
115 /alumni/st-edmund-hall-book
116 /people/21stcenturyhallfaces
117 /students
118 /senior-common-room
119 /staff
121 /
135 /blog/from-fertiliser-to-fuel
136 /blog/you-shall-not-reveal-the-secrets-of-it-the-st-edmund-hall-copy-of-the-university-statutes-of-1634
138 /news/medieval-workshop-applications-open
139 /news/graham_hamilton_travel
140 /news/eckersley_obe
142 /events/development-committee-meeting-hilary-term-2020
143 /events/graduation-day-4
144 /events/meet-the-poet-hilary-2020-with-galina-rymbu
147 tel:+44 (0)1865 279000
153 /discover/explore-teddy-hall/visiting-the-college
154 /news
155 /events
156 /policies-accounts-and-legal-documents
157 /vacancies

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