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Title: An extraordinary school | Saïd Business School
Description: A transformational business school.
Texto: An extraordinary school | Saïd Business School Skip to main content Main navigation Main menu Research Close submenu Research Research overview Research overview Research showcase Back Research areas Research areas Accounting Finance Health Care Innovation International Business Management Science Marketing Mega Project Management Organisation Studies Professional Service Firms Strategy Technology and Operations Management Back Centres and initiatives Centres and initiatives Entrepreneurship Centre Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative Oxford Future of Real Estate Initiative Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation Private Equity Institute Responsible Business Initiatives Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Back Networks Networks CABDyN Oxford Institute of Retail Management Back Back Oxford experience Close submenu Oxford experience Coming to Oxford Coming to Oxford College experience Living expenses Partners and families Visas Oxford and the EU Back Life at Oxford Life at Oxford Learning at Oxford Exploring Oxford Activities, clubs and groups Oxford Union Back Alumni Scholarships and Funding Back News Events Close submenu Events Events Art at Oxford Saïd Back About us Close submenu About us The School The School Welcome from the Dean Why Oxford Saïd? Our history Our community Rankings, achievements and accreditation School Board and Global Leadership Council Global Leadership Centre Environmental sustainability Back Giving Giving Our benefactors Alumni Annual Fund Donate to scholarships Teaching and research Support entrepreneurship Back Venue hire Venue hire Park End Street Egrove Park Our services Christmas parties Back Our people Our people Faculty Associate Fellows Academic visitors Recruit our graduates Work for us Back Back Programmes Search Search Search Close An extraordinary school developing purposeful leaders. Scroll Down A transformational business school. Tackle world-scale problems, equipped by our focus on purpose in business, world-class research and exceptional teaching. Discover our programmes A transformative experience. Saïd Business School reframed my mindset and gave me an invaluable network. Nadine El Sharif MBA student We measure results, not noise. Our dynamic research environment measurably improves the careers and lives of our students and changes the way leaders think. Our research A magical experience. Learning at Oxford is the opportunity of a lifetime. The energy will immerse and inspire you. Our students are trailblazers from across the globe. Experience Oxford

1 #main-content
2 /
3 /
4 /research
5 #
6 /research
7 /research/research-overview/research-showcase
8 /research/research-areas
9 /research/research-areas/accounting
10 /research/research-areas/finance
11 /research/research-areas/health-care
12 /research/research-areas/innovation
13 /research/international-business
14 /research/research-areas/management-science
15 /research/research-areas/marketing
16 /research/research-areas/megaproject-management
17 /research/research-areas/organisation-studies
18 /research/research-areas/professional-service-firms
19 /research/research-areas/strategy
20 /research/technology-operations-management
21 /research/centres-and-initiatives
22 /research/centres-and-initiatives/entrepreneurship-centre
23 /research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-future-marketing-initiative
24 /research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-future-real-estate-initiative
25 /research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-university-centre-business-taxation
26 /research/centres-and-initiatives/oxford-university-centre-corporate-reputation
27 /research/centres-and-initiatives/private-equity-institute
28 /research/centres-and-initiatives/responsible-business-initiatives
29 /research/centres-and-initiatives/skoll-centre-social-entrepreneurship
30 /research/networks
31 /research/networks/cabdyn
32 /research/networks/oxford-institute-retail-management
33 /oxford-experience
34 #
35 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford
36 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford/college-experience
37 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford/living-expenses
38 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford/partners-and-families
39 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford/visas
40 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford/oxford-and-eu
41 /oxford-experience/life-oxford
42 /oxford-experience/life-oxford/learning-oxford
43 /oxford-experience/life-oxford/exploring-oxford
44 /oxford-experience/life-oxford/activities-clubs-and-groups
45 /oxford-experience/life-oxford/oxford-union
46 /oxford-experience/alumni
47 /oxford-experience/scholarships-and-funding
48 /news
49 /events
50 #
52 /events/art-oxford-said
53 /about-us
54 #
55 /about-us/school
56 /about-us/school/welcome-dean
57 /about-us/school/why-oxford-said
58 /about-us/school/our-history
59 /about-us/school/our-community
60 /about-us/school/rankings-achievements-and-accreditation
61 /about-us/school/school-board-and-global-leadership-council
62 /about-us/school/global-leadership-centre
63 /about-us/school/environmental-sustainability
64 /about-us/giving
65 /about-us/giving/our-benefactors
66 /about-us/giving/alumni-annual-fund
67 /about-us/giving/donate-scholarships
68 /about-us/giving/teaching-and-research
69 /about-us/giving/support-entrepreneurship
70 /about-us/venue-hire
71 /about-us/venue-hire/park-end-street
72 /about-us/venue-hire/egrove-park
73 /about-us/venue-hire/our-services
74 /about-us/venue-hire/our-services/christmas-parties
75 /about-us/people
76 /about-us/people?f%5B0%5D=department_facet%3A230
77 /about-us/people?f%5B0%5D=department_facet%3A671
78 /about-us/our-people/academic-visitors
79 /about-us/our-people/recruit-our-graduates
80 /about-us/our-people/work-us
81 /programmes
82 #
83 #
84 #main
85 /programmes
86 /research
87 /oxford-experience/coming-oxford

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