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Title: Oxford Martin School | University of Oxford
Description: The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford - Research, policy and debate for a more sustainable and inclusive future
Keywords: oxford, oxford university, oxford martin school, cross cutting, interdisciplinary, research
Texto: Oxford Martin School | University of Oxford Toggle Menu Search About Programmes Publications News Events People Contact Environment Health Society Economics Close Search Search Finding Solutions To The World’s Most Urgent Challenges The Oxford Martin School brings together the best minds from different fields to tackle the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Find out more Environment Health Economics Society COVID-19: our research Many of the Oxford Martin School’s researchers are involved in the urgent global effort to understand novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and its health, economic and social impacts. Some of our leading researchers are also involved in the UK government response to the pandemic. Find out more Latest from the school Synthesis Report published by Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy News - 25th February 2021 Research consortium including Oxford University and announce new platform to track COVID-19 data, the charitable arm of Google, the University of Oxford and other leading institutions including Boston Children’s Hospital and Northeastern University, today launched News - 24th February 2021 Banning wild meat could increase biodiversity loss, reveals study A blanket ban on the trade of wild meat could create risks for nature and for human health, finds a first of its kind study from an international group of researchers. News - 18th February 2021 Targeted support needed to prevent automation hitting low wage workers hardest Low-wage workers face a double blow from automation, a new study from INET Oxford has found; they are both more likely to lose their jobs due to new technologies and less likely to have the skills required to switch to newly created jobs. News - 25th January 2021 21st century crises demand new economic understanding In an issue of The Oxford Review of Economic Policy edited by researchers from INET Oxford, leading economists, including Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Argentina's Minister of Economy Martin Guzman, call for a deep shift in how economists understand the ‘macro’ economy. News - 20th January 2021 Recent Videos All Videos Mike Kendall, Joe Cartwright, Tom Kettlety & Steve Smith: "Between a rock and a wet place: putting carbon back into geological storage" Videos - 1st March 2021 Sir John Armitt & Prof Jim Hall in conversation: "National infrastructure for the recovery and the long term" Videos - 26th February 2021 "The stymieing effect of unresolved ethical issues on the conservation of biodiversity" with Prof John Vucetich Videos - 25th February 2021 Events All Events 'Challenges of using assistive technologies in home care for older people' with Andreas Hoff & Bill Pottharst Population ageing is posing massive challenges to German society. Events - 4th March 2021 CANCELLED: Vittorio Colao & Prof Cameron Hepburn in conversation: "Pandemics 101: Digital technologies, human values and building back better" Events - 4th March 2021 Radhika Khosla, Kaya Axelsson, Nicole Yazon & Steve Smith in Conversation: "Net Zero for Local Communities" Local communities have an important role to play in the net zero transition, developing new models of collective living to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. Events - 8th March 2021 About The Oxford Martin School This century, specifically the next few decades, is a critical turning point for humanity. Our community of more than 200 academics, work across more than 30 programmes of solutions-focused, pioneering research. We support novel and high-risk projects that often do not fit within conventional funding channels, with the belief that breaking boundaries and innovative collaborations can help to solve the most pressing global challenges of our time. Find out more Programmes View all Sustainable Oceans Find out more Global Development Find out more Wildlife Trade Find out more Technological & Economic Change Find out more Deep Medicine Find out more Climate Pollutants Find out more Misinformation, Science and Media Find out more Pandemic Genomics Find out more Planetary Health Find out more

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