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Title: Oxford University Faculty of Music
Description: Welcome to the Faculty of Music of Oxford University, one of the largest and liveliest music departments in the country, and an internationally renown
Texto: Oxford University Faculty of Music Faculty of Music Oxford University Faculty of Music Bate Collection Library Current Students About People Academic Staff Graduate Students Administration Staff Honorary Doctors of Music Our Stories Facilities Teaching Rooms Practice Rooms Music Technology Holywell Music Room Resources The Bate Collection Library Resources Library Mac Lab IT Support Ensembles Professional Ensembles Student Ensembles Apply Undergraduate Open Days Why study Music? Music in the Colleges Course Structure Application Procedure Outreach Choral and Organ Awards FAQs Postgraduate Masters Students Research Students Application Procedure FAQs Our Stories Academic Staff Undergraduates Research Projects 19th-Century Musicians as Annotators DIAMM EMPRES Italian Opera Aria on the London Stage 1705-1801 MALMECC Staging History Transforming 19th-Century HIP Tudor Partbooks Past Projects Disciplines Composition Ethnomusicology Musicology Performance Psychology of Music Events Alumni Giving News Contact An internationally renowned centre of teaching and research About the Faculty Study with Us Our Research News Arnold Schoenberg and Egon Wellesz: A Fraught Relationship The Faculty is delighted to announce the publication of Faculty alumnus and Magdalen College E... Oxford BHM 100: The Faculty congratulates Dr Des Oliver The Faculty would like to congratulate Dr Des Oliver, Faculty of Music alumnus and tutor, on b... Oxford Musician #10 The 10th issue of the Oxford Musician is now available online and in print! The annual magazin... Jeremy Montagu It is with great sadness that we share the news that Jeremy Montagu, former curator of the Bat... The Faculty thanks Elizabeth Kenny The Faculty says a big thank you to our outgoing Director of Performance Elizabeth Kenny, who ... VIEW ALL NEWS Events 27  Oct Research Colloquium with Piers Kennedy & Leo Geyer (online) Piers Kennedy & Leo Geyer | Wilful ignorance: Work and Open Form as conduits for memorial and forgetti... 28  Oct Music Anthropology and Sociology Seminar | Music and Politics Music and Politics – Conceptualising music and politics Seminar leader: Prof. Georgina Born What a y... 29  Oct Graduate Tea Hangout The Oxford Graduate Tea Hangout is a weekly get together for students to drink tea, destress from lockdow... 1  Nov The Tenor Cello (live streamed) Join us for a live streamed concert with leading Canadian-American cellist Elinor Frey and harpsichordist ... 2  Nov Composer Speaks | Howard Skempton We are delighted that Howard Skempton will join Professor Robert Saxton to discuss his work as a composer.... VIEW ALL EVENTS Why Study at the Faculty of Music? The Oxford University Music Faculty is one of the largest and liveliest music departments in the UK. As an internationally renowned centre of teaching and research in all aspects of music, it is an exciting and stimulating environment in which to work and study… Read more… Quick Links University of Oxford Bate Collection Library Current Students Accessibility Statement Twitter Today we're excited announce a major new scholarship scheme for PhD/DPhil at the @UniofOxford ,… Congratulations to Faculty alumnus and tutor Dr Des Oliver @Wildcherry1976 for being nominated as part of the Oxfor… Contact Us Faculty of Music, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB +44 (0) 1865  276125 Web Design London | Privacy Policy BACK TO TOP

1 /
5 /about/
6 /about/people/
7 /about/people/academic-staff/
8 /about/people/graduate-students/
9 /about/people/administration-staff/
10 /about/people/honorary-doctors-of-music/
11 /about/people/our-stories/
12 /about/facilities/
13 /about/facilities/teaching-rooms/
14 /about/facilities/practice-rooms/
15 /about/facilities/music-technology/
16 /about/facilities/holywell-music-room/
17 /about/resources/
18 /about/resources/the-bate-collection/
19 /about/resources/library-resources/
20 /?page_id=10035
21 /about/resources/it-support/
22 /about/ensembles/
23 /about/ensembles/resident-ensembles/
24 /about/ensembles/students-ensembles/
25 /apply/
26 /apply/undergraduate/
27 /apply/undergraduate/open-days/
28 /apply/undergraduate/why-study-music/
29 /apply/undergraduate/music-in-the-colleges/
30 /apply/undergraduate/course-structure/
31 /apply/undergraduate/application-procedure/
32 /apply/undergraduate/outreach/
33 /apply/undergraduate/choral-and-organ-awards/
34 /apply/undergraduate/faqs/
35 /apply/postgraduate/
36 /apply/postgraduate/masters-students/
37 /apply/postgraduate/research-students-apply/
38 /apply/postgraduate/application-procedure/
39 /apply/postgraduate/faqs/
40 /about/people/our-stories/
41 /about/people/our-stories/academic-staff/
42 /about/people/our-stories/undergraduates/
43 /research/
44 /research/projects/
45 /research/projects/19th-century-musicians-as-annotators/
46 /research/projects/diamm/
47 /research/projects/empres/
48 /research/projects/the-london-stage-project/italian-opera-aria-on-the-london-stage-1705-1801/
49 /research/projects/music-and-late-medieval-european-court-cultures-malmecc/
50 /research/projects/past-projects/staging-history/
51 /tchip-chamber-course/
52 /research/projects/past-projects/tudor-partbooks-project/
53 /research/projects/past-projects/
54 /research/disciplines/
55 /research/disciplines/composition/
56 /research/disciplines/ethnomusicology/
57 /research/disciplines/musicology/
58 /research/disciplines/performance/
59 /research/disciplines/psychology-of-music/
60 /events/
61 /alumni/
62 /thank-you-for-considering-making-a-gift-to-the-faculty-of-music/
63 /news/
64 /contact/
71 /arnold-schoenberg-and-egon-wellesz-a-fraught-relationship/
72 /arnold-schoenberg-and-egon-wellesz-a-fraught-relationship/
73 /oxford-bhm-100-the-faculty-congratulates-dr-des-oliver/
74 /oxford-bhm-100-the-faculty-congratulates-dr-des-oliver/
75 /oxford-musician-10/
76 /oxford-musician-10/
77 /jeremy-montagu/
78 /jeremy-montagu/
79 /the-faculty-thanks-elizabeth-kenny/
80 /the-faculty-thanks-elizabeth-kenny/
81 /news/
82 /event/research-colloquium-with-oliver-chandler-online-2020-10-27/
83 /event/research-colloquium-with-oliver-chandler-online-2020-10-27/
84 /event/music-anthropology-and-sociology-seminar-conceptualising-music-and-politics/
85 /event/music-anthropology-and-sociology-seminar-conceptualising-music-and-politics/
86 /event/graduate-tea-hangout/2020-10-29/
87 /event/graduate-tea-hangout/2020-10-29/
88 /event/the-tenor-cello-live-streamed/
89 /event/the-tenor-cello-live-streamed/
90 /event/composer-speaks-howard-skempton/
91 /event/composer-speaks-howard-skempton/
103 /contact/
104 #
109 /privacy-policy/
110 #header

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