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Title: Home | TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
Texto: Home | TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities Skip to main content Giving to TORCH Humanities Division University of Oxford Giving to TORCH Humanities Division University of Oxford Search form Search Giving to TORCH Humanities Division University of Oxford TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities This is a new website About What's On Research Networks Programmes Projects Engagement Humanities Cultural Programme Public Engagement with Research Knowledge Exchange International Engagement Annual Headline Series Training Researcher Training Graduate Opportunities Resources Opportunities Funding Opportunities Engagement Opportunities Call for Papers Vacancies Past Opportunities About What's On Research Networks #Social Humanities Affections and Ethics Ancient Dance in Modern Dancers Celebrity Research Colonial Ports and Global History (CPAGH) Critical Visualization Culture and Experience in the Age of the German Reformation Diplomacy in Early Modern Period 1400-1800 Early Medieval Britain and Ireland Early Modern Catholicism Embodiment and Materiality Enlightenment Correspondences Fiction and Human Rights Futures Thinking Gender and Authority Global Brazil Globalising and Localising the Great War HiCor: A Cross-Disciplinary Network for History and Corpus Linguistics Inheritance and Cooperation Life Itself in Theory and Practice inHabit: Text, Object and Domestic Space Medieval and Early Modern Mysticism Migration and Mobility Negotiated Texts New Critical Approaches to the Byzantine World Network Nordic Network Orientophilia: Indic Philosophy in Post-Romantic Thought Oxford Comics Network (en)coding Heritage Climate Crisis Thinking in the Humanities and Social Sciences Images and Thoughts Oxford Critical Theory Network Oxford Phenomenology Network Oxford Pilgrimage Studies Network Oxford and Empire Past Networks Ancient Music and Theology Network PastNet Network Queer Studies Network A vision of hope from ‘Hopelessness’ Rags to Riches?: Experiences of Social Mobility since 1800 Rethinking the Contemporary: The World since the Cold War Romanticism and Eighteenth Century Studies Oxford SciPo2019 Silence Hub The Long History of Identity, Ethnicity and Nationhood The Oxford Psalms Network The Oxford Song Network: Poetry and Performance Theatre and Performance Unconscious Memory Urban Rhythms Network Violence Studies Oxford War Crimes, Trials and Investigations Programmes Comparative Criticism and Translation Creative Multilingualism Dance Scholarship Oxford Digital Humanities Strategies for Convergence: Negotiating the Future of Digital Humanities at Oxford Enlightenment Environmental Humanities Heritage Labelling Matters National Trust Partnership Stories of Oxford and War Understanding Authenticity in China's Cultural Heritage Medical Humanities Oxford Medieval Studies Heralding Medieval Studies. The Role of the OMS Communications Officer Job Advertisement: Mentor MSt Medieval Studies and OMS Communications Officer Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century Visual Research Women in the Humanities Projects Gaps Between Installation – Oxford City ISTROX Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Multaka-Oxford Multaka-Oxford Post-War: Commemoration, Reconstruction, Reconciliation The Psychic Life of the Poor Engagement Humanities Cultural Programme Ashmolean After Hours Ashmolean After Hours Harry Potter tour at the Ashmolean Last Supper in Pompeii: Ashmolean After Hours Live Event: Homi K. Bhabha ‘On Being Unprepared' Victorian Light Night Public Engagement with Research Arts in the Alps Book at Lunchtime Pitt Rivers Museum Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Trusted Source "Our Shelter is in Shreds": Deterrence, Destruction and Dispossession at the Post-Camp Calais Border 1001 Stories: Telling Lines Narrative Art 200 Years of Frankenstein: It's Alive A Night of Local Tudor Accidents A Painting of the Wild Hunt the Restless Dead A Wizard Tour of the Ashmolean Association for Art History Asylum After Empire Book Launch and Discussion. Lande: the Calais "Jungle" and Beyond Call for Researchers: Being Human Festival 2019 - 'Discoveries and Secrets' Contemporary Caribbean Art and the Moral Dimension of Global Material Mobility Creation Theatre explore Henry VIII Dickens Noir Discovering Collections, Discovering Communities EXPO x Explore Ensemble: Augmented Instruments IF Oxford Interviews Knowledge Exchange: Theatre and Performance Connecting Researchers with Theatres Multaka Oxford Late Night Event On Invisibility and Agency of the Displaced: Between Hospitality and Asylum Ovid 2000 Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Oxford University Innovation Friday Drop-In Session Policy Engagement Prominent Chinese Women Painters in Mid-20th Century Britain Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation Racism, Repression and Resistance Reading Beyond the Code: A Book at Lunchtime Seductive Light, Destructive Light Social Enterprise and the Universities The Conversation - Writing & Pitching - Editors in Residence Day HT 2018 The Dream Colony: The Life in Art of Walter Hopps The Materiality of the Divine The Oxford Sound Album Uncomfortable Oxford: Explore Victorian Speed: The Long History of Fast Living Édouard Vuillard: Art and the Politics of Domesticity Knowledge Exchange Ageing and Creativity Amplifying Inclusion Books Unbound Celebrating 500 Years of Pregnancy and Birth Changing Lives English Tunebooks of the Eighteenth Century Compassion in Healthcare Conserving the Nabataean Temple at Khirbet et-Tannur Demons Land: A Poem Come True Early Mother Tongue Literacy for Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Eating Disorders and Real-Life Reading

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17 /
18 /about
19 /whatson
20 /research
21 /networks
22 /programmes
23 /projects
24 /engagement
25 /humanities-cultural-programme
26 /public-engagement-with-research
27 /knowledge-exchange
28 /international-engagement
30 /training
31 /training
32 /graduate-opportunities
33 /resources
34 /opportunities
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40 /about
41 /whatson
42 /research
43 /networks
44 /social-humanities
45 /affections-and-ethics
46 /ancient-dance-in-modern-dancers
47 /celebrity-research
48 /colonial-ports-and-global-history-cpagh
49 /critical-visualization
50 /culture-and-experience-in-the-age-of-the-german-reformation
51 /diplomacy-in-early-modern-period-1400-1800
52 /early-medieval-britain-and-ireland
53 /early-modern-catholicism
54 /embodiment-and-materiality
55 /enlightenment-correspondences
56 /fiction-and-human-rights
57 /futures-thinking
58 /gender-and-authority
59 /global-brazil
60 /globalising-and-localising-the-great-war
61 /hicor-a-cross-disciplinary-network-for-history-and-corpus-linguistics
62 /inheritance-and-cooperation
63 /life-itself
64 /inhabit-text-object-and-domestic-space-0
65 /medieval-and-early-modern-mysticism
66 /migration-and-mobility
67 /negotiated-texts
68 /new-critical-approaches-to-the-byzantine-world-network
69 /nordic-network
70 /orientophilia-indic-philosophy-in-post-romantic-thought
71 /comics
72 /encoding-heritage
73 /climate-crisis-thinking-in-the-humanities-and-social-sciences
74 /images-and-thoughts
75 /oxford-critical-theory-network
76 /oxford-phenomenology-network
77 /oxford-pilgrimage-studies-network
78 /oxford-and-empire
79 /past-networks
80 /ancient-music-and-theology-network-0
81 /pastnet-network
82 /queer-studies-network
83 /article/a-vision-of-hope-from-hopelessness
84 /rags-to-riches-experiences-of-social-mobility-since-1800
85 /rethinking-the-contemporary-the-world-since-the-cold-war
86 /romanticism-and-eighteenth-century-studies-oxford
87 /scipo
88 /silence-hub
89 /the-long-history-of-identity-ethnicity-and-nationhood
90 /the-oxford-psalms-network
91 /the-oxford-song-network-poetry-and-performance
92 /theatre-and-performance
93 /unconscious-memory
94 /urban-rhythms-network
95 /violence-studies-oxford
96 /war-crimes-trials-and-investigations
97 /programmes
98 /comparative-criticism-and-translation-0
99 /creative-multilingualism
100 /dance-scholarship-oxford
101 /digital-humanities
102 /event/strategies-for-convergence
103 /enlightenment
104 /enviromental-humanities
105 /heritage
106 /labelling-matters
107 /national-trust-partnership
108 /article/stories-of-oxford-and-war
109 /understanding-authenticity-in-chinas-cultural-heritage
110 /medical-humanities
111 /oxford-medieval-studies
112 /article/heralding-medieval-studies.-the-role-of-the-oms-communications-officer
113 /article/job-advertisement-mentor-mst-medieval-studies-and-oms-communications-officer
114 /race-and-resistance-across-borders-in-the-long-twentieth-century
115 /visual-research
116 /women-in-the-humanities
117 /projects
118 /gaps-between-installation-oxford-city
119 /istrox
120 /lexicon-of-greek-personal-names
121 /multaka-oxford
122 /multaka-oxford-video
123 /post-war-commemoration-reconstruction-reconciliation
124 /themes/psychic-life-poor
125 /engagement
126 /humanities-cultural-programme
127 /event/after-hours1
128 /event/ashmolean-after-hours-29-november-2019-0
129 /event/harry-potter-tour-at-the-ashmolean
130 /article/last-supper-in-pompeii-ashmolean-after-hours
131 /event/live-event-in-conversation-with-homi-bhabha
132 /victorian-light-night
133 /public-engagement-with-research
134 /event/arts-in-the-alps
135 /book-at-lunchtime
136 /article/torch-pitt-rivers-museum-knowledge-exchange-fellowship
137 /trusted-source
138 /event/our-shelter-is-in-shreds-deterrence-destruction-and-dispossession-at-the-post-camp-calais-bord
139 /event/1001-stories-telling-lines-narrative-art
140 /event/200-years-of-frankenstein-its-alive
141 /event/a-night-of-local-tudor-accidents
142 /event/a-painting-of-the-wild-hunt-the-restless-dead
143 /a-wizard-tour-of-the-ashmolean
144 /event/association-for-art-history
145 /event/asylum-after-empire
146 /event/book-launch-and-discussion.-lande-the-calais-jungle-and-beyond
147 /event/call-for-researchers-being-human-festival-2019-discoveries-and-secrets
148 /event/contemporary-caribbean-art-and-the-moral-dimension-of-global-material-mobility
149 /event/creation-theatre-explore-henry-viii
150 /event/dickens-noir
151 /event/discovering-collections-discovering-communities
152 /event/expo-x-explore-ensemble-augmented-instruments
153 /if-oxford
154 /event/interviews
155 /knowledge-exchange-theatre-and-performance
156 /connecting-researchers-with-theatres
157 /event/multaka-oxford-late-night-event
158 /event/on-invisibility-and-agency-of-the-displaced-between-hospitality-and-asylum
159 /event/ovid-2000
160 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-6
161 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-5
162 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-4
163 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-3
164 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-2
165 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-1
166 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session-0
167 /event/oxford-university-innovation-friday-drop-in-session
168 /policy
169 /event/prominent-chinese-women-painters-in-mid-20th-century-britain
170 /event/promoting-gender-equality-in-research-and-innovation
171 /event/racism-repression-and-resistance
172 /event/reading-beyond-the-code-a-book-at-lunchtime
173 /event/seductive-light-destructive-light
174 /event/social-enterprise-and-the-universities
175 /event/the-conversation-writing
176 /event/the-dream-colony-the-life-in-art-of-walter-hopps
177 /event/the-materiality-of-the-divine
178 /the-oxford-sound-album
179 /event/uncomfortable-oxford-explore
180 /event/victorian-speed-the-long-history-of-fast-living
181 /event/edouard-vuillard-art-and-the-politics-of-domesticity
182 /knowledge-exchange
183 /ageing-and-creativity
184 /amplifying-inclusion
185 /books-unbound
186 /celebrating-500-years-of-pregnancy-and-birth
187 /changing-lives
188 /chaucer-here-and-now
189 /compassion-in-healthcare
190 /conserving-the-nabataean-temple-at-khirbet-et-tannur
191 /demons-land-a-poem-come-true
192 /early-mother-tongue-literacy-for-sustainable-development-in-sub-saharan-africa
193 /eating-disorders-and-real-life-reading

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